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Quiz 48 – Round 2 – TV and Film

This round is a little bit specialist… it is all about the TV show Blackadder.

1. In Blackadder II, which actress plays Lady Whiteadder – Edmund’s aunt, out of whom he hopes to gain a huge inheritance?

Miriam Margolyes

2.What is the name of the 1999 Blackadder film in which the characters are enjoying a New Year’s Eve Party and the use of a time machine?

Blackadder Back & Forth

3. What is the profession of Blackadder in series 3?

Butler (to Prince Regent)

4. Peter Cook plays which King of England in the original series of Blackadder?

Richard III

5. In ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’, which character dresses up at ‘Gorgeous Georgina’ and performs at the music hall?

Lieutenant George (Full title: Lieutenant the Honorable George Colthurst St. Barleigh – played by Hugh Laurie)

6. In the second series, Ronald Lacey plays the ‘Baby-Eating Bishop of…’ where?

Bath and Wells

7. Complete the quote “Make a sentence out of the following words: Face – sodding…’…’ “

Your – shut

8. In series two, ‘Nursie’ always dresses up as the same thing every time the Queen has a fancy dress party – what is this?

A cow

9. What is the name of Lord Melchett’s beloved pet pigeon in Blackadder Goes Forth?

Speckled Jim

10. In series two, what does the character of ‘Kate’ claim her name is a short for?






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