History Quiz

Quiz 43 – Round 5 – History

1. What was the name of the actor who assassinated Abraham Lincoln on April 14th, 1865?

John Wilkes Booth

2. In which ship did Captain James Cook sail on his voyage of discovery, from 1769 to 1771?

The Endeavour

3. In which battle was Horatio Nelson fatally wounded?

Battle of Trafalgar

4. How many children did Queen Victoria have?

Nine – Victoria, Edward, Alice, Alfred, Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold and Beatrice

5. Who is the shortest-reigning monarch in British history?

Lady Jane Grey (9 days)

6. Who was the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated?

Spencer Percival

7. Which monarch established the Church of England?

Henry VIII

8. Approximately what proportion of the UK were killed by the Black Death; one-third, a half or three-quarters?

A third

9. Who was the longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century?

Margaret Thatcher

10. Who was the first ever British Prime Minister?

Sir Robert Walpole





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