Music quiz

Quiz 41 – Round 6 – Music

This music round is all  about the 80s.

1. Stock, Aitken and Waterman had huge song writing success in the 80s, but what were their first names?

Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman

2. ‘I Don’t Want to Talk About It’ had previously been recorded on two separate occasions, by ‘Crazy Horse’ and ‘Rod Stewart’, but who had a hit with the same song in 1988?

Everything But The Girl

3. Which two individuals made up the band ‘Yazoo’?

Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet

4. In which year did Bucks Fizz win the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Making Your Mind Up’?


5. Who wrote the Bangles’ 1986 hit ‘Manic Monday’?


6. Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys made up which 80s duo?

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)

7. Sade made it big in the 80s, but what is her surname?


8. Who had a 1987 hit with ‘Joe Le Taxi’?

Vanessa Paradis

9. Which famous 80s music star was born Stuart Leslie Goddard?

Adam Ant

10. Morten Harket was the lead singer of the Norwegian trio A-Ha – but can you name either of the other two members?

Magne Furuholmen and Pål Waaktaar





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