History Quiz

Quiz 41 – Round 4 – History

Can you identify the King or Queen from the clues?

1. Son of James I of England and Anne of Denmark, he married Henrietta Maria of France and had 9 children.

Charles I

2. Son of Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark, he married Mary of Teck and had 6 children.

George V

3. Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, she neither married nor had children.

Elizabeth I

4. Son of Ethelred the Unready and Emma of Normandy, he was the first King of England to be canonized.

Edward the Confessor

5. Son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, he had three children including Henry III.

King John

6. Son of Godwin, Earl of Wessex and Gytha Thorkelsdóttir and legend tells us that he died from an arrow though the eye.

Harold II (Harold Godwinson)

7. He was the third son of George III and brother of George IV. He became heir apparent at the age of 62 when his older brother died.

William IV

8. Sister of Elizabeth I, she was crowned in 1553 and died a little over 5 years later.

Mary I

9. Daughter of James II of England and Anne Hyde, she married Prince George of Denmark and was the last of the Stuart monarchs.


10. He was born in Bordeaux, France and died in Pontefract castle. 

Richard II





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