Quiz 39 – Round 4 – Celebrities

This round is all about celebrity spouses of those who have been married multiple times. Can you name…?

1. Two of Liza Minelli’s four husbands.

Any two of: Peter Allen, Jack Haley Jr., Mark Gero and David Gest

2. Four of Elizabeth Taylor’s seven different husbands?

Any four of: Larry Fortensky, John Warner, Richard Burton (married twice), Eddie Fisher, Mike Todd, Michael Wilding and Conrad Hilton Jr.

3. All of Tom Cruise’s three wives?

Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes

4. Two of Demi Moore’s three husbands?

Two of: Freddy Moore, Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher

5. One of Jennifer Lopez’s three husbands?

Any of: Ojani Noa, Cris Judd and Marc Anthony

6. Two of Mickey Rooney’s eight wives?

Two of: Ava Gardner, Betty Jane Baker, Martha Vickers, Elaine Devry, Carolyn Mitchell, Marge Lane, Carolyn Hockett and Jan Rooney (née Chamberlin)

7. Two of Joan Collins’s five husbands?

Two of: Maxwell Reed, Anthony Newley, Ron Kass, Peter Holm and Percy Gibson

8. Two of Patsy Kensit’s four husbands?

Two of: Dan Donovan, James/Jim Kerr, Liam Gallagher and Jeremy Healy

9. Two of Katie Price’s three husbands?

Two of: Peter Andre, Alex Reid and Kieran Hayler

10. Two of Rod Stewart’s three wives?

Any two of: Alana Hamilton (née Collins), Rachel Hunter and Penny Lancaster





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