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Quiz 38 – Round 3 – Sport

1. Which snooker player was the first to achieve a televised 147 break?

Steve Davis

2. The high jump technique known as a ‘Fosbury Flop’ is named after Mr Fosbury – but what was his first name?

Dick (Richard Douglas Fosbury)

3. How many lanes are there on an Olympic athletics track?


4. In which English county is Silverstone circuit?


5. In tenpin bowling, what is a ‘spare’?

All ten pins knocked down with two consecutive balls in one frame

6. Which team has won the UEFA Champions League (or European Cup, as it was originally called) the most times?

Real Madrid

7. Which golfer was nicknamed the ‘Great White Shark’?

Greg Norman

8. Roy Keane, Mick McCarthy, Paolo Di Canio and Sam Allardyce have all managed which football team?

Sunderland A.F.C.

9. Who was the first woman ever to win an Olympic Gold Medal for boxing?

Nicola Adams

10. What was the name of the first horse to win 2 consecutive Grand Nationals?






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