Quiz 38 – Round 2 – Technology

1. How many manned space flights were launched by the NASA space programme ‘Project Gemini’?

Ten (Plus two unmanned flights)

2. Which website, particularly popular in the Noughties, was born from an idea invented by Steve and Julie Pankhurst from Barnet, North London?

Friends Reunited

3. The ‘Scud’ missile was designed in which country?

Soviet Union

4. Which country has the fastest travelling commercial railway trains?

China (The Shanghai Maglev has a maximum operational speed of 267 miles per hour and average of 155 miles per hour)

5. The Oric-1 was released in 1983 – what was it?

Home computer

6. Apple Inc. was founded jointly by three men. One was Steve Jobs; can you name one of the other two?

Steve Wosniak and Ronald Wayne

7. What does BIOS stand for in computing terminology?

Basic input/output system

8. ADSL is a term associated with internet connections, but what does this stand for?

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

9. In which year did Nokia release the ‘Mobira Cityman’, the company’s first handheld mobile phone?


10. What type of television screen uses xenon and neon gases contained in tiny cells between two plates of glass?






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