Quiz 37


Quiz 37 – Round 2 – Initials

1. What does the ‘A’ stand for in ‘A’ Level?


2. The two most common UK teaching unions are the NUT (National Union of Teachers) and the NASUWT. What does the latter stand for?

National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers

3. What does ASBO stand for?

Antisocial Behaviour Order

4. If someone were to gain an MFA at university, what would they be?

Master of Fine Art

5. The psychedelic drug of LSD is not abbreviated as one would expect, i.e. one word for each letter. If it were, it would be ‘LAD’. Do you know what it stands for?

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

6. The CCU in a hospital is which department?

Coronary Care Unit

7. It has been recommended to store one number in your mobile phone under the name ICE; what does it stand for?

In Case of Emergency

8. In terms of illnesses, what does HIV stand for?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

9. What does the S stand for in UNESCO?

Scientific (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation)

10. ‘Radar’ has been adopted into the English language as a real word, but originally it was an acronym; what did it stand for?

Radio Detection and Ranging






Quiz 37 – Round 3 – Money

The idea of this round is very simple – we will give you the name of a country – you need to give us the name of its currency.

1. Rwanda

Rwandan Franc

2. China

Renminbi (accept also Yuan)

3. Argentina

Argentine Peso

4. Iceland

Icelandic Króna

5. Switzerland

Swiss Franc

6. Poland

Polish Zloty

7. Finland


8. Thailand

Thai Baht

9. Macedonia

Macedonian Denar

10. Nigeria

Nigerian Naira





Art and Literature

Quiz 37 – Round 4 – Art and Literature

1. Which child in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ is turned into a giant blueberry?

Violet Beauregarde

2. Which Austrian-born artist and architectural designer has a second name which would translate into English as ‘Hundred Water’?

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

3. The 2008 film ‘The Reader’, starring Kate Winslet, was based on the book of the same name by which author?

Bernhard Schlink

4. In which city is Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure’ set?


5.Who wrote the original French gothic novel ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’?

Victor Hugo

6. Arthur ‘Boo’ Radley is a character in which 1960 book?

To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)

7. Which type of pottery takes its name from the Italian word for ‘baked earth’?


8. What is the name of Oscar Wilde’s first play, which was cancelled in the UK and folded in the US after only a week?

Vera; or, The Nihilists

9. Rene Jules Lalique was an artist famous for working with which material?


10. Who painted ‘The Laughing Cavalier’?

Frans Hals





TV and Film quiz questions

Quiz 37 – Round 6 – TV and Film

1. In which film does Julie Andrews play a female singer who impersonates a male, gay, Polish, female impersonator?

Victor Victoria

2. Which actor played Spike Dixon in the successful TV comedy ‘Hi-de-Hi!’?

Jeffrey Holland

3. Which 2013 Richard Curtis film tells the story of a father and son who can travel through time?

About Time

4. In the Harry Potter series of films, what is the name of the character played by Imelda Staunton?

Dolores Umbridge

5. From which 1971 film does the quote “It’s funny how the colours of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.” come?

A Clockwork Orange

6. In the original ‘Back to The Future’ series of 3 films, 4 different years are featured on screen. Name two of them.

1885, 1955, 1985 and 2015

7. Mary Jane Watson was the love interest of which film super hero?


8. What was the name of the character played by Nicky Henson in the Fawlty Towers episode ‘The Psychiatrist’?

Mr. Johnson

9. Which 2013 film stars Judi Dench and Steve Coogan and tells the true story of a lady searching for her son with the aid of Martin Sixsmith?


10. Name the three actors who played the main crew in the original series of ‘Red Dwarf’.

Craig Charles, Chris Barrie and Danny John-Jules (Robert Llewellyn played Kryten, but this character did not appear until series 2 as a single appearance (and was on this occasion played by David Ross) and series 3 as a regular character)





Pub Quiz

Quiz 37 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Which male name is sometimes used as a nickname for the autopilot of an aeroplane?


2. What is the capital city of Latvia?


3. What is 2013 in Roman Numerals?


4. In Jonathan Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, what are ‘Houyhnhnms’?

A race of intelligent horses

5. Which is the only vowel in the middle row of a computer keyboard?


6. For which American company, famous for publishing comic books, is Stan Lee a former Editor-In-Chief?

Marvel Comics (Marvel Worldwide, inc.)

7. In boxing, to what number does the referee count to signify a knockout?


8. Which country did King Zog rule?


9. Rotelle pasta is what shape?

Wagon wheel

10. In which year did Alexander Graham Bell make the first telephone call?