Sport quiz questions

Quiz 35 – Round 6 – Sport

Every answer will be a number or numbers.

1. In a game of snooker, how many balls in total are used?


2. An archery target consists of how many colours?

5: white, black, blue, red and gold

3. On a dart board, which two numbers are halfway down the board? (i.e. at 3 o’clock and nine o’clock)

6 and 11

4. How many players take part in a game of netball?

14 (two teams of 7)

5. How many teams compete in the football Premier League?


6. In which year did Red Rum win his first Grand National?


7. What is the minimum length a football (soccer) pitch must be?

100 yards (90 metres)

8. We all know that Andy Murray won the men’s Wimbledon Singles title in 2013, but how many games did Murray win during that final match?

19 (The score was 6-4  7-5  6-4)

9. In which year was the first FA Cup final played?


10. To the nearest five thousand, how many seats does the new Wembley Stadium have?






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