Quiz 34 – Round 5 – The World

1. Which London Underground line has the most stations?

District line (60 stations)

2. Which river flows along much of the border between Cornwall and Devon?

River Tamar

3. In which Irish county will you find the Blarney Stone?

County Cork

4. What is the national currency of the Republic of Rwanda?

Rwandan Franc

5. In which country is Auschwitz concentration camp?


6. ‘Little Rock’ is the capital city of which U.S. state? 


7. In which European city would you find the International Court of Justice’?

The Hague

8. The city of Saigon was officially renamed in 1976, what is it now called?

Ho Chi Minh City

9. Kirkwall Airport serves which group of islands?

Orkney Islands

10. Which river runs through Budapest?

The Danube





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