Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 32 – Round 3 – Food and Drink

1. What gives a ‘Bloody Mary’ cocktail its red colour?

Tomato juice

2. What type of garden crop can be ‘beefsteak’, ‘moneymaker’, ‘brandywine’ or ‘alicante’?


3. The dessert ‘peach melba’ was named after a lady of what profession?

Opera singer (Dame Nellie Melba)

4. What is the white of an egg called?


5. Tokay, or Tokaji wine is produced in a region of which country?


6. Which sweet was launched first; Mars Bars or Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles?

Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles (launched in 1881, Mars Bars were launched in 1932)

7. ‘Pimm’s Number 1 Cup’ is the most famous drink produced by the company, but how many official numbers of Pimm’s cups have ever been produced?


8. What type of food is ‘cullen skink’?


9. 31st July 1970 was the last day on which sailors in the Royal Navy were issued with a daily rum ration – what did the day become known as?

Black Tot Day

10. What type of food is nori?

Seaweed (A type of edible Japanese seaweed, commonly wrapped around sushi)





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