Science and Nature

Quiz 31 – Round 4 – Science and Nature

1. What is the boiling point of water in degrees Fahrenheit at sea level?


2. How many elements appear in the periodic table?


3. In which two parts of the body would you find ‘phalanges’?

Hands and feet/toes and fingers (Toe and finger bones)

4. What does ‘AI’ stand for, in terms of technology and computer science?

Artificial Intelligence

5. What would a ‘paedophobe’ be scared of?


6. Christopher Cockerell was an English engineer best known for inventing what?

The hovercraft

7. Which of these distances is the longest: 1 mile, 100,000 cm, 2km or 2000 yards?

2km (if all turned into miles – 100,000cm = 0.62miles, 2km= 1.24miles and 2000 yards= 1.14 miles)

8. Rickets is a disease associated with a lack of which vitamin?

Vitamin D

9. Hydrogen is number 1 in the periodic table of the elements. What is number 2?


10. What is colloquially referred to as a mermaid’s purse?

A casing covering the fertilised eggs of fish or sharks





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