Quiz 30 – Round 6 – Words

What are the meanings of the following strange words? Select the correct option from those given.

1. What is a collop, is it..?

A – A large dollop of a substance, such as cream

B – A term for ham and eggs

C – A fatty tissue growth often treated by vets

B – It is an old term for ham and eggs/bacon and eggs

2. What is dactylonomy, is it..?

A – The art of counting on fingers, often including knuckles, joints and bones

B – The study of patterns in fingerprints

C – Making decorative shapes with the use of dials, such as in a Spirograph

A – It is an art of counting using hands, often using a complex method, allowing the person to count higher than the assumed ten.

3. What is a jackalope, is it..?

A – A mythical beast

B – A cross between a jackal and an antelope

C – A specific type of envelope, using a mechanical seal

A – A mythical beast

4. What is a williwaw, is it..?

A – A old English term for a pot belly

B – A type of oven glove with woollen padding

C – A sudden blast of wind from a mountainous area

C – A sudden blast of wind blowing to the sea from a mountainous coast 

5. If you were to tripudiate, what would you be doing?

A – Dancing

B – Arguing

C – Trying to be better than someone else

A – Dancing

6. What is a lipogrammatist?

A – Someone who calculates exactly what proportion of body fat is safe to extract during liposuction

B – Someone who writes poems using 25 of the alphabet’s 26 letters

C – A mathematician involved in the calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index)

B – Someone who writes poems using 25 of the alphabet’s 26 letters.

7. If something is described as badious, is it ..?

A – Chestnut-coloured

B – Able to be submersed in water

C – With the capability to act in a sly or evil manner

A – Chestnut-coloured

8. What is a gablock?

A – A large block used as a step to reach the shutters in Elizabethan houses

B – A spur attached to the heel of a gamecock

C – A simple locking device, the precursor of the padlock

B – A false spur or staff attached to the heel of a gamecock

9. If someone is described as mabsoot, are they ..?

A – Sullen

B – Sly

C – Happy

C – Happy

10. What is thalposis? Is it..?

A – A sensation of warmth

B – The study of heatwaves

C – An ancient disease with similar symptoms to smallpox

A – A sensation of warmth





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