free words quiz

Quiz 3 – Round 5 – Words

Free Words Quiz

1. What is the name for a word or phrase which is spelled the same forwards as it is backwards?

A palindrome

2. What is the only word in the English language which ends with the letters ‘mt’?

dreamt (undreamt is also a word, but we are counting it as an extension of dreamt)

3. I have no feet but I can run. I give you health and also fun. What am I?


4. What do the following words have in common; rhythm, crypt, lynx and fly?

They are all words which do not contain any vowels

The last 6 questions all describe phobias. For each question you are given the name of the phobia, as the answer you need to say what each word is a fear of.

5. Ablutophobia

A fear of washing or bathing

6. Arachnophobia

A fear of spiders

7. Equinophobia

A fear of horses

8. Somniphobia

A fear of sleep

9. Mastigophobia

A fear of punishment

10. Taurophobia

A fear of bulls/cows


To download the free words quiz as a PDF question paper for contestants (questions therefore do not need to be read aloud), please click on the link below:





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