Quiz 29

Music quiz

Quiz 29 – Round 2 – Music

This music round is all about ‘one-hit wonders.’

1. Which British female double act became famous with ‘I’d Rather Jack’ in 1989?

The Reynolds Girls

2. What was the name of Hale & Pace’s 1991 Comic Relief charity single?

The Stonk

3. ‘Je t’aime… moi non plus’ caused controversy in 1969, but can you name both members of the double act?

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg

4. Who was ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ in 1974?

Carl Douglas

5. The band ‘Aqua’ are famous for which 1997 UK hit?

Barbie Girl

6. Which American singer-songwriter wrote and released ‘Spirit in the Sky’ in 1969?

Norman Greenbaum

7. Which female American singer is generally considered a one-hit wonder for her 1982 recording of ‘I’ve Never Been to Me’?


8. Who had a hit in 1999 with ‘Mambo Number 5’?

Lou Bega

9. Who was ‘Turning Japanese’ in 1980?

The Vapors

10. Robert Matthew Van Winkle changed his name and hit the charts in 1990 – with what stage name?

Vanilla Ice





TV and Film quiz questions

Quiz 29 – Round 4 – TV and Film

Can you identify the sitcom from its main actors (or a selection of!)?

1. Neil Morrissey, Martin Clunes, Leslie Ash and Caroline Quentin.

Men Behaving Badly

2. Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus.

Gimme Gimme Gimme

3. Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn.

Red Dwarf

4. Penelope Keith, Peter Bowles, Angela Thorne and Daphne Heard.

To the Manor Born

5. James Bowlam, Peter Bowles, Christopher Strauli, Richard Wilson and Derrick Branche.

Only When I Laugh

6. Robert Lindsay, Zoë Wanamaker, Gabriel Thomson, Daniela Denby-Ashe.

My Family

7. Stephen Tompkinson, Neil Pearson, Susannah Doyle, Jeff Rawle and Robert Duncan.

Drop the Dead Donkey

8. Judi Dench, Geoffrey Palmer, Moira Brooker, Jenny Funnell and Philip Bretherton.

As Time Goes By

9. Graham Crowden, Stephanie Cole, Janine Duvitski and Daniel Hill.

Waiting for God

10. Belinda Lang, Gary Olsen, Julia Hills, John Pickard and Julia Hills.

2Point4 Children





Quiz 29 – Round 5 – Children’s Entertainment

1. Who narrated ‘Mr Benn’ in the 1970s cartoon series?

Ray Brooks

2. Name the 4 ‘Teletubbies’.

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po

3. In which year was Blue Peter first broadcast?


4. In the nursery rhyme ‘Jack and Jill’, what did Jack mend his head with?

Vinegar and brown paper

5. Who wrote the Tracey Beaker books?

Jacqueline Wilson

6. In which children’s TV programme would you find the character ‘Igglepiggle’?

In the Night Garden

7. Which 1998 children’s book by David Almond was turned into a film, released in 2009?


8. Bagpuss became famous in the 70s, but what was the name of the girl who owned the shop?


9. Which Disney – Pixar film tells the tale of the elderly widower Carl Fredrickson?


10. Can you name all of Snow White’s seven dwarfs?

Doc, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey and Bashful





History Quiz

Quiz 29 – Round 6 – History

In which year did the following take place?

1. Torvill and Dean won Olympic Gold in Sarajevo, Indira Gandhi was assassinated and Michael Jackson was severely burned whilst filming an advert for Pepsi.


2. The Battle of the Somme took place, the Easter Rising occurred in Ireland and BMW was founded.


3. Queen Victoria was born, the Peterloo massacre took place in Manchester and the first major financial crisis in the U.S. began.


4. The original film version of Orson Welles’s ‘Citizen Kane’ is released, the ‘Enigma Code’ was broken and President Roosevelt signed a bill which made the 4th Thursday in November ‘Thanksgiving Day.’


5. Martin Luther King made his ‘I have a dream speech’, John Profumo resigned after an affair and President Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas.


6. The first ‘Crufts’ dog show was held in London, the first Coca-Cola was sold and the London Times published the world’s first classified advert.


7. Ramsey MacDonald became Prime Minister, the IBM corporation was founded, and Mahatma Gandhi was released from jail.


8. Cyprus and Malta joined the Euro, Fidel Castro stepped down as President of Cuba and Michael Phelps gained the record for the most Gold medals won at a single Olympic Games.


9. Britain joined the EEC, the Sydney Opera House was opened and Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips.


10. Mattel’s ‘Barbie Doll’ was launched, Cyprus gained independence from the UK and Charles de Gaulle became France’s President.






Pub Quiz

Quiz 29 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. What is the capital city of Pakistan?


2. In which Shakespeare play would you find the characters Oberon, Titania and Lysander?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

3. What is the currency of the United Arab Emirates?


4. Which type of tea was named after a British Prime Minister?

Earl Grey

5. What is ‘irenology’ the study of?


6. Statler and Waldorf were the two ageing hecklers in the Muppets – but what were the characters named after?

New York City hotels (The Statler Hilton and the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel)

7. Who is the patron saint of travellers?

Saint Christopher

8. What type of food are ‘Berwick Cockles’?


9. Which was the first shoe brand to have its name entered into the Oxford dictionary?

Dr. Martens

10. Which singer, born in Tennessee in 1942, is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Soul’?

Aretha Franklin