Music quiz

Quiz 29 – Round 2 – Music

This music round is all about ‘one-hit wonders.’

1. Which British female double act became famous with ‘I’d Rather Jack’ in 1989?

The Reynolds Girls

2. What was the name of Hale & Pace’s 1991 Comic Relief charity single?

The Stonk

3. ‘Je t’aime… moi non plus’ caused controversy in 1969, but can you name both members of the double act?

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg

4. Who was ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ in 1974?

Carl Douglas

5. The band ‘Aqua’ are famous for which 1997 UK hit?

Barbie Girl

6. Which American singer-songwriter wrote and released ‘Spirit in the Sky’ in 1969?

Norman Greenbaum

7. Which female American singer is generally considered a one-hit wonder for her 1982 recording of ‘I’ve Never Been to Me’?


8. Who had a hit in 1999 with ‘Mambo Number 5’?

Lou Bega

9. Who was ‘Turning Japanese’ in 1980?

The Vapors

10. Robert Matthew Van Winkle changed his name and hit the charts in 1990 – with what stage name?

Vanilla Ice





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