Quiz 28 – Round 2 – Advertisements

1. “Hello, my name is…” what is the name of the brand ambassador for Cillit Bang?

Barry Scott

2. “The red car and the blue car had a race…” – an 80s advert for which chocolate bar?

Milky Way

3. In 1999, a publicity stunt by FHM magazine saw a huge naked picture of which celebrity projected onto the Houses of Parliament?

Gail Porter

4. Nanette Newman advertised which product in the 1970s and 1980s?

Fairy Liquid

5. A television advert popularly named ‘Horses and Surfers’ often tops the charts of best UK adverts of all time – what was the advert for?


6. What is ‘Made in Scotland from girders’ according to a former advertising slogan?


7. What is the full name of the puppet ‘founder and CEO’ of ‘Comparethemeerkat.com’?

Aleksandr Orlov

8. Which model was featured on the famous 1994 Wonderbra advert alongside the slogan ‘Hello Boys’?

Eva Herzigova

9. In 1985, Nick Kamen drew women’s attention when he advertised what on TV?

Levi’s Jeans (Launderette advert)

10. In 2012, stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton dived through a car suspended in mid-air and into a pool below. Which car was he recording an advert for?

Ford B-Max





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