Foreign Languages Quiz

Quiz 26 – Round 3 – Foreign Languages

1. Which French phrase, adopted into the English language, literally means ‘terrible child’ and can be used to describe a person whose behaviour is unconventional or disruptive?

Enfant terrible

2. Which German phrase is used in English to describe a person who looks identical to another?


3. If an Italian person wished you a ‘buon compleanno’, what would they be saying?

Happy Birthday

4. ‘Merhaba’ is a greeting in which language?


5. In 1998, Kylie Minogue released a single with the title in French – what was it called?

Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (translates as ‘I don’t know why’)

6. An item on an Indian menu containing ‘aloo’, has which ingredient?


7. ‘Suomi’ is the name of which country in its mother tongue?


8. If you ordered ‘patatas fritas’ from a Spanish menu, what would you get to eat?

French fries/chips

9. ‘Pad Thai’ is a Thai dish with what as its main ingredient?


10. Which word from the Hawaiian language  has been commonly used to say both ‘goodbye’ and ‘hello’?






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