Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 24 – Round 6 – Food and Drink

1. Which soft drink was invented by Charles Alderton in Texas in 1885?

Dr Pepper

2. On 8th January 1940 the first 3 food items were rationed due to WWII in the United Kingdom, they were sugar, butter and what?


3. Which Scandinavian spirit is made by distilling potatoes or grain with caraway and/or dill plus other herbs?

Aquavit (Or Akvavit)

4. Which salad ingredient can be ‘English’, ‘Armenian’, ‘Garden’ or ‘Lemon’?


5. Which two items of food make up the title of a book by Dr. Seuss?

Green eggs and ham

6. Assam, Oolong and Nilgiri are three types of what?


7. Peri Peri (or piri piri) chicken, such as is served at Nando’s, hails from which country?


8. A Spanish dish served ‘con queso’ has what added to it?

Cheese (literally ‘with cheese’)

9. Which sweet foodstuff appeared in C.S.Lewis’s ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’, when the Snow Queen offered some to Edmund?

Turkish Delight

10. And which strange food appears in Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women’, as Amy and the other girls in her class are crazy about them?

Pickled Limes





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