Science and Nature

Quiz 22 – Round 5 – Science and Nature

1. A squab is the name of the young of which bird?


2. Which chemical element has the symbol Sn?


3. What is the name of the process whereby solvent molecules in a solution move through a partially permeable membrane into a more concentrated solution?


4. The ‘malleus’, ‘incus’ and ‘stapes’ are three tiny bones in the human body – what are they more commonly called?

Hammer, anvil and stirrup

5. Which part of a horse’s anatomy lies between the fetlock and the hoof?


6. Which disease, caused by a deficiency of vitamin D, is on the increase according to recent figures?


7. Who invented the tractor?

Benjamin Holt

8. What is hydroponics?

A method of growing plants in water, without soil

9. What is the name for a pregnancy, in most cases unsuccessful, in which the embryo is fertilised outside of the uterus?

Ectopic pregnancy (or eccysis / tubic pregnancy)

10. Who was the first person in the world to be conceived using IVF?

Louise Brown





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