Quiz 22 – Round 4 – Not What It Seems…

This round is a selection of questions which logic says should be obvious, but are not the obvious answer…

1. How long was the hundred years war?

116 years

2. From what animal is catgut usually made?

Sheep (or goat)

3. The lead in a pencil is made of what?


4. A horned toad is not a toad at all – what type of creature is it?

A lizard

5. What type of tree is a Douglas Fir?


6. In which country was India Ink invented?


7. What is a titmouse?

A type of bird

8. From which country do Panama hats originate?


9. In which country was the game of Chinese Checkers invented?


10. A koala bear is not a bear – what type of animal is it?

A marsupial





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