Quiz 21

Art and Literature

Quiz 21 – Round 2 – Art and Literature

Can you recognise the famous work of literature from the brief synopsis?

1. The narrator marries Maxim, goes to live with him at his in his mansion, where the housekeeper tries to undermine her new mistress as she is still devoted to Maxim’s first wife.

Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier

2. ‘Old Major’ trains Snowball and Napoleon for the rebellion. When Old Major dies, they lead the revolt against Mr Jones.

Animal Farm – George Orwell

3. Christopher discovers the dead body of Wellington and decides to investigate the dog’s death.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – Mark Haddon

4. An aeroplane crashes into a remote island and the only survivors of the crash are boys under the age of 13.

Lord of the Flies – William Golding

5. Pip is left a huge fortune by a mysterious benefactor and travels to London to become a gentleman.

Great Expectations – Charles Dickens

6. Harry finds out that Sirius Black has escaped from prison and a great deal of effort is made to protect everyone, especially Harry, from Black.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – JK Rowling

7. The Earth gets destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass and Ford rescues Arthur.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

8. Jonathan Harker travels to a remote castle to provide legal support as a solicitor, but he soon discovers that he has become a prisoner in the castle.

Dracula – Bram Stoker

9. Jean Valjean is released from prison, becomes a Mayor, adopts a child when her mother dies and saves the life of Marius, who marries his adopted daughter.

Les Misérables – Victor Hugo

10. Jem, Scout and Dill are terrified of their neighbour, but when they are attacked in the street he comes to their rescue.

To Kill A Mockingbird – Harper Lee





Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 21 – Round 3 – Food and Drink

1. What type of food would you use a ‘paring’ knife for?

Fruit and vegetables

2. What type of fish is used in the production of Worcestershire sauce?


3. If you were drinking a ‘Kir Royale’, which two ingredients would you have in your cocktail?

Champagne and ‘crème de cassis’ (blackcurrant liqueur)

4. ‘Mangifera Indica’ is the botanical name a tree bearing which fruit?


5. What is the name of the type of clarified butter frequently used in Indian cooking?


6. What was the cartoon character Garfield’s favourite food?


7. The beer ‘Staropramen’ comes from which country?

Czech Republic 

8. Which type of bread can be translated from German as ‘farting devil’ or ‘devil’s fart’?


9. A ‘tagine’ is a dish named after the earthenware pot in which it is cooked – but from which continent does is originate?


10. What is ‘Halloumi’ a Cypriot type of?






Music quiz

Quiz 21 – Round 4 – Music

We’re mixing things up a bit today. It’s a lyrics round, but we’ll give you the song – you need to give us the opening line.

1. Blondie – Heart of Glass

“Once I had a love and it was a gas”

2. Madonna – Like A Virgin

“I made it through the wilderness”

3. David Bowie – Changes

“I still don’t know what I was waiting for”

4. Jessie J – Price Tag

“Seems like everybody’s got a price.”

5. Heart – Alone

“I hear the ticking of the clock.”

6. Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

“Look into my eyes – you will see.”

7. Alannah Myles – Black Velvet

“Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell.”

8. Emeli Sandé – Next To Me

“You won’t find him drinking at the tables.”

9. Derek and the Dominoes – Layla

“What’ll you do when you get lonely?”

10. Abba – Money, Money, Money

“I work all night, I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay.”





Geography Quiz Questions

Quiz 21 – Round 5 – The World

This week’s Geography round is all about capital cities – we will give you the name of city, you need to give us the name of the country of which it is capital.

1. Antananarivo


2. Ankara


3. Manila


4. Paramaribo


5. Zagreb


6. Wellington

New Zealand

7. Santiago


8. Kiev


9. Douglas

Isle of Man

10. Damascus






History Quiz

Quiz 21 – Round 6 – History

Can you name the famous historical character from the description?

1. I was born on 12th May 1820 and I was named after the city of my birth. I worked in military hospitals in Turkey during the Crimean War and I established a training school for nurses in St. Thomas’ hospital in 1860.

Florence Nightingale

2. I was born on 9th July 1916 in Broadstairs, Kent and my father was a carpenter. I studied at Oxford University and I served in the Royal Artillery during World War II. I became member of parliament for Bexley in 1950 and in 1965 I became leader of the Conservative party and – I was the first to do so who did not come from an upper-class background.

Edward Heath

3. I was born at some time around 1270 in Elderslie in Renfrewshire. In 1296 Edward I had taken over the Scottish throne and so a year later I attacked Lanark. Many men came to join me and we weakened their hold until we were defeated in July 1298.

William Wallace

4. I was born on 15th February 1564 in Italy. I started to study medicine at the University of Pisa but I decided to change course, to philosophy and mathematics. I became professor of mathematics at the University of Padua until 1610, where I conducted many experiments involving pendulums and the speed at which objects fall. In 1609 I designed a telescope and became very interested in astronomy.

Galileo Galilei

5. My name at birth was Isabella Mayson and I was born on 12th March 1836 in London. I met my husband in Germany. He worked as a publisher and I used to write articles on cooking and household management for him to publish. My first book was published in 1861.

Mrs Beeton

6. I was born on the 28th April 1442 in Rouen, France and my father was Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York. With the help of the Earl of Warwick, the ‘Kingmaker’, we defeated the Lancastrians and I was crowned King.

Edward IV

7. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1929. I became a Baptist minister in 1955 and I led a protest campaign against racial segregation on the Alabama transport system. I was arrested in 1963 for my part in more protests, but I made a famous speech when I was released.

Martin Luther King

8. I was born Eric Arthur Blair on 25th June 1903 in India. I joined the Indian Imperial Police in Burma but then I resigned to become a writer. I moved to Paris in 1928 where I published my first two books under a pen name. I later wrote about unemployed miners, I wrote propaganda for the BBC, became editor for a famous left-wing magazine and I wrote my most famous book in 1945.

George Orwell

9. I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1928 after my parents emigrated to the USA from Ruthenia, which is now part of the Slovak Republic. I studied at the Carnegie Institute of Technology before moving to New York where I worked as a commercial artist and experimented with reproductions of articles from popular American culture.

Andy Warhol

10. I was born around the year 1422 in Kent. I was an apprentice merchant in London before moving to Bruges to continue my trade. I moved to Cologne, where I learned the art of printing, before moving back to London to establish the first printing press in England.

William Caxton





Quiz 21 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Stalingrad was renamed in 1961 – what is it now called?


2. The Apollo 11 mission, the first to land on the moon, involved 3 astronauts – can you name all three?

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins

3. Which BBC Radio 1 DJ and presenter found himself becoming a common phrase in cockney rhyming slang from 2004 onwards?

Pete Tong

4. Who sang the James Bond theme tune for ‘For Your Eyes Only’ in 1981?

Sheena Easton

5. What type of tea is traditionally smoked over pinewood fires, giving it a distinctive smoky flavour?

Lapsang Souchong

6. Della Street is associated with which fictional detective?

Perry Mason

7. The first 5 books of the bible are collectively called what?

The Pentateuch

8. Which was Stephen King’s first novel, published in 1974?


9. How much money is a ‘monkey’?


10. Astronauts have a little patch of Velcro inside their helmets so that they can scratch their noses. True or false?