Pub Quiz

Quiz 20 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Which is the longest river in the world?

The Nile

2. Correctly spell ‘abysmal’.


3. In which 1997 film does Glenn Close play Vice President Kathryn Bennett?

Air Force One

4. In which year did Adolf Hitler become Chancellor of Germany?


5. “Underneath the lantern, by the barrack gate…” are the opening lyrics to which song?

Lili Marlene

6. What sign of the zodiac would you be if you were born on 18th October?


7. In the U.S. they call it ‘cilantro’ – what do we call it in the U.K.?


8. In Einstein’s theory of relativity, E=MC, what does ‘C’ stand for?

The speed of light

9. What is the capital city of the U.S. State of Texas?


10. ‘Aylesbury’, ‘Saxony’, ‘Silver Appleyard’ and ‘Gressingham’ are all types of which animal? 






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