True or false

Quiz 20 – Round 5 – True or False

Quite simple – true or false?

1. Alliumphobia is a fear of garlic.


2. ‘Fauntleroy’ is the middle name of Donald Duck.


3. Henry VIII had an extra finger on each hand.

False – There was a rumour that Anne Boleyn had an extra finger, although this is untrue.

4. The singer ‘Cher’ was born Cherilyn Sarkisian.


5. Alfred Hitchcock had no belly button as it was removed during surgery.


6. The ‘black box’ in an aeroplane is black.

False – it is orange.

7. Michael Jackson had a pet python called ‘Crusher’.


8. The distance, as the crow flies, from London to Edinburgh, is greater than the distance from London to Glasgow.

False – London to Edinburgh = 333 miles, London to Glasgow = 346 miles

9. Geri Halliwell named her daughter ‘Bluebell Madonna’.


10. Brendan O’Carroll, famous as ‘Mrs Brown’ from ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ is the cousin of Kenneth Branagh.






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