Quiz 20 – Round 3 – Information Technology

1. What does ‘FTP’ stand for, the standard for uploading or transferring files?

File Transfer Protocol

2. What is the name of the act of trying to steal personal information such as usernames, passwords and bank details by pretending to be a reputable website or a trustworthy business?


3. When using Microsoft Word, you can ‘undo’ a mistake by either hitting the ‘undo’ button at the top of the page or using the shortcut of ‘ctrl’ plus which letter?


4. Approximately how many bytes are there in a gigabyte?

1 billion (1073741824 to be exact)

5. Which company produces the ‘Vaio’ range of laptops?


6. Which is the odd one out; Google, Ask, Adobe or Bing?

Adobe – the others are (or were started as) search engines

7. The primary language for creating web pages is HTML – but what does it stand for?

HyperText Markup Language

8. The first Touch Screen mobile phone was launched in 1994 and was a joint project between two companies; can you name either of them?

BellSouth and IBM

9. We all know that Bill Gates founded Microsoft – but he was a joint founder. What was the name of co-founder?

Paul Allen

10. ‘Touch’, ‘Shuffle’, ‘Nano’ and ‘Classic’ are all types of what?