Quiz 19

Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 19 – Round 2 – Food and Drink

This week’s food in drink quiz is all about my favourite – alcohol.

1. Which three letters are used to represent the UK standard measurement for the alcoholic content of drink?

ABV (Alcohol By Volume)

2. From which plant, similar to a cactus, is tequila made?

Blue Agave

3. Hennessy and Martell are two of the best-known brands of which alcoholic drink?


4. Which drink, a favourite of the bohemians of Paris, has been known as the ‘Green Fairy’?


5. A French Benedictine monk is frequently (although many say erroneously) credited with the invention of Champagne; what was his name?

Dom Pérignon

6. Which two drinks are mixed together to make a ‘Black Velvet’?

Guinness and Champagne (or any stout beer plus sparkling wine)

7. Which breed of dog is also the name of a cocktail?

Greyhound (Vodka and grapefruit juice)

8. Which drink was marketed as being ‘good for you’, a slogan born in the 1920s?


9. Which spirit is the base of a ‘Tom Collins’ cocktail?

Gin (plus lemon juice, sugar and soda water)

10. If I shake together 35ml of tequila, 20ml Cointreau and 15ml lime juice and pour it into a salt-rimmed glass with ice what do I have?

A Margarita





TV and Film quiz questions

Quiz 19 – Round 3 – TV and Film

1. Who originally presented the TV talent show ‘Opportunity Knocks’?

Hughie Green

2. Which 1993 romantic film drama sees Jodie Foster struggling on the family farm when her husband, played by Richard Gere, fails to come home after the US Civil war and is presumed dead, until he turns up out the blue years later and seemingly a changed man?


3. Inspector Morse’s first name was famously ‘Endeavour’; but what is the first name of Inspector Lewis?


4. Which actor plays the ‘Cat’ in Red Dwarf?

Danny John-Jules

5. In 2008, Kate Winslet finally won an Oscar for best actress; for which film?

The Reader

6. There were 5 Tracy brothers in Thunderbirds; what were their names?

Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon and John

7. Which actor played the Prime Minister in the ‘Little Britain’ sketches where David Walliams plays the PM’s clingy aide, Sebastian?

Anthony Head

8. In ‘The Simpsons’, what is Montgomery Burns’s snivelling personal assistant called?

Waylon Smithers

9. What was the name of Danger Mouse’s nemesis, the recurring villain in the show who was voiced by Edward Kelsey?

Baron Silas Greenback

10. In the ‘Back To The Future’ films, they started in 1985. They also visited 3 other years. Can you name 2 of them?

2015, 1955 and 1885





Music quiz

Quiz 19 – Round 4 – Music

This week’s music round is all about Beatles lyrics – we give you the lines, you just give us the track.

1. “Nothing you can know that isn’t known, nothing you can see that isn’t shown.”

All You Need Is Love

2. “Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song.”

A Little Help From My Friends

3. “Joan was quizzical, studied metaphysical science in the home.”

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

4. “You came to me one summer night and from your beam you made my dream.”

Mr Moonlight

5. “Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it just to reach you…”


6. “Got to be a joker he just do what he please.”

Come Together

7. “On the way the paper bag was on my knee, man I had a dreadful flight.”

Back In The USSR

8. “Black, white, green, red…”

All Together Now

9. “The wind is low, the birds will sing that you are part of everything.”

Dear Prudence

10. “Father McKenzie writing the words of a sermon that no-one will hear.”

Eleanor Rigby





Geography Quiz Questions

Quiz 19 – Round 5 – The World

1. In terms of land mass, which is the smallest US state?

Rhode Island

2. Which is the most northerly European capital city?


3. Only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still stands, which is it?

The Great Pyramid at Giza

4.On which island would you find the holiday resort of Faliraki?


5. What is the capital city of Romania?


6. The ‘New Shekel’ is the currency of which country?


7. KLM is the national airline of which country?


8. ‘CDG’ is the international code for which airport?

Charles De Gaulle International Airport, Paris

9. How many countries share a border with Chile?

3 – Peru, Bolivia and Argentina

10. In which country would you find ‘Angkor Wat’, the largest Hindu temple complex and religious monument in the world?







Quiz 19 – Round 6 – Words

This week’s word round is all about spellings.Correctly spell the following words:




1. Accolade

2. Claustrophobia

3. Diarrhoea

4. Geisha

5. Chihuahua

6. Resuscitate

7. Definitely

8. Conscientiously

9. Incompatible

10. Rhythm





Quiz 19 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Which property on a standard UK Monopoly board has the cheapest rent?

Old Kent Road

2. In ‘The Jungle Book’, what type of creature is Bagheera?

Panther/ Indian Leopard

3. Which African country is sometimes referred to as the ‘Country of Copper’, due to its exports of copper ore?


4. What was the name of the NASA Science Laboratory rover that landed on Mars in 2012?


5. What was the name of the Austrian skydiver who made a historic ‘space jump’ which broke the sound barrier in October 2012?

Felix Baumgartner

6. In television’s Fawlty Towers, what is the name of actress who played Polly, the long-suffering waitress and general assistant at the hotel?

Connie Booth

7. What is the name of the plastic covering at the end of a shoelace?


8. In which year did Margaret Thatcher become the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?


9. Which land mammal has the highest blood pressure?


10. Which was the first internal human organ to be successfully transplanted?