Food and Drink Quiz

Quiz 19 – Round 2 – Food and Drink

This week’s food in drink quiz is all about my favourite – alcohol.

1. Which three letters are used to represent the UK standard measurement for the alcoholic content of drink?

ABV (Alcohol By Volume)

2. From which plant, similar to a cactus, is tequila made?

Blue Agave

3. Hennessy and Martell are two of the best-known brands of which alcoholic drink?


4. Which drink, a favourite of the bohemians of Paris, has been known as the ‘Green Fairy’?


5. A French Benedictine monk is frequently (although many say erroneously) credited with the invention of Champagne; what was his name?

Dom Pérignon

6. Which two drinks are mixed together to make a ‘Black Velvet’?

Guinness and Champagne (or any stout beer plus sparkling wine)

7. Which breed of dog is also the name of a cocktail?

Greyhound (Vodka and grapefruit juice)

8. Which drink was marketed as being ‘good for you’, a slogan born in the 1920s?


9. Which spirit is the base of a ‘Tom Collins’ cocktail?

Gin (plus lemon juice, sugar and soda water)

10. If I shake together 35ml of tequila, 20ml Cointreau and 15ml lime juice and pour it into a salt-rimmed glass with ice what do I have?

A Margarita





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