Music quiz

Quiz 18 – Round 4 – Music

This round is all about famous bands and their members – can you name the band from the people who were in them?

1. Michael ‘Mike D’ Diamond, Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch and Adam ‘Adrock’ Horovitz.

Beastie Boys

2. Shirley Owens, Doris Coley, Addie Harris and Beverly Lee.

The Shirelles

 3. Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Phil Selway and Ed O’Brien.


4. Malcolm Young, Angus Young, Larry Van Kriedt, Dave Evans and Colin Burgess.


5. Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine.

The Beach Boys

6. Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Angus MacLise

The Velvet Underground

7. Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr.


8. Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Destiny’s Child

9. Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger and Daniel Adair.


10. Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork Michael Nesmith.

The Monkees





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