Colour quiz

Quiz 18 – Round 3 – Colours

1. In the 1991 film, what colour were the fried tomatoes made at the Whistle Stop Café?


2. What colour did Alice Walker write about in 1982?

Purple (The Colour Purple)

3. Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool are three of the members of which ‘colourful’ rock band?

Green Day

 4. Which Irish television presenter was the host of ‘Going For Gold’ between 1987 and 1996?

Henry Kelly

5. Zadie Smith’s multi-award winning novel of the year 2000 had a colour in the title, what was the book called?

White Teeth

6. What type of creature is a yellow-shafted Flicker?

A bird (specifically a North-American woodpecker)

7. Adriana Caselotti was the voice of which colour-related animated film character?

Snow White

8. There are 4 seas named after colours; what are they?

White Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea and Yellow Sea

9. The precious stone of Lapis Lazuli is which colour?


10. In the original Star Trek, what colour were the shirts worn by Starfleet Security Personnel who frequently came to an untimely end in episodes, not long after they were introduced?






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