Quiz 17 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. In the film of ‘The Lion King’, what is the name of Simba’s love interest?


2. Which President of the United States had children named Maureen, Michael, Christine, Patti and Ron?

Ronald Reagan

3. In Greek mythology, who was the father of Apollo?


4. ‘Babe’ is the film version of which book by Dick King-Smith?

The Sheep-Pig

5. What is a chuckwalla a type of?


6. Who played Rizzo in the film of Grease?

Stockard Channing

7. Jamelia was previously married to which footballer?

Darren Byfield

8. Persia is a previous name of which country?


9. How many states make up the country of Germany?


10. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was not christened as such; what was his original Christian name?






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