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Quiz 17 – Round 3 – The 2000s

1. What is J.K. Rowling’s first name?

Joanne (She has no middle name – see comments below)

2. Who won the first series of ‘Pop Idol’ in 2002?

Will Young

3. Which 2008 Danny Boyle film tells the story of Jamal Malik?

Slumdog Millionaire

4. Which country’s football team won  Euro 2008?


5. In which year was Barack Obama inaugurated as American President?

2009 (He won the election in 2008, presidents are not inaugurated until January)

6. Which U.S. rapper shot to fame with the single ‘Because I Got High’ in 2000?


7. Which iconic gadget was first released on November 10th 2001?

The iPod

8. Which 2001 Steven Spielberg film saw Haley Joel Osment playing a robotic boy trying to earn the love of his human mother?

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

9. On August 21st 2002 police confirmed that they had found the bodies of murdered schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman; in which Cambridgeshire town?


10. After years of declining health, Pope John Paul II died on 2nd April… in which year?






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  1. I’d like to point out that JK Rowling indeed does not have a middle name, but her publisher told her she needed to use her initials so they wouldn’t be able to tell she was a women. She choose the K to stand for Kathleen, which was her Grandmother’s favorite name.

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