Quiz 16 – Round 6 – The World

1. Cristo Redentor is the native name of a statue in which city?

Rio de Janeiro (Christ The Redeemer)

2. In terms of land mass, which is the smallest country that was formed out the former Soviet Union?


3. Which is the largest island in the Pacific Ocean?

New Guinea

4. How many gold stars are there on the flag of the European Union?


5. Antananarivo is the capital city of which country?


6. Which famous London building would you find on Kensington Gore?

The Royal Albert Hall

7. Which desert covers parts of northern China and southern Mongolia?

The Gobi desert

8. Which area of Paris is home to the Sacré Cœur and the Moulin Rouge?


9. Douglas, Castletown and Ramsey are major towns of which island?

The Isle of Man

10. What is the name of the island in Table Bay, off the coast of South Africa, which has housed prisoners such as Nelson Mandela and Govan Mbeki?

Robben Island





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