History Quiz

Quiz 16 – Round 4 – History

1. In Greek mythology, who was the brother of both Zeus and Poseidon and was God of the Underworld?


2. What was the name of the 1969 space flight that first landed man on the moon?

Apollo 11

3. Who was the first woman in space?

Valentina Tereshkova (1963, from the then Soviet Union)

4. What is considered to have been the native language of Jesus?


5. Who was British Prime Minister when World War One started?

Herbert Henry Asquith

6. The Indian city of Mumbai was renamed in 1995; what was it previously called?


7. What was first issued on 1st May 1840 and cost one penny.

The penny black/ first postage stamp

8. Who killed John Lennon on 8th December 1980?

Mark David Chapman

9. Which British king reigned from 27th March 1625 until 13th January 1649, shortly before he was tried and executed for high treason after defeat in the Second Civil War?

Charles I

10. What were the names of the three legitimate children of Henry VIII?

Elizabeth, Mary and Edward






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