Quiz 159

Dancing on Ice 2019 Quiz

Quiz 159 – Round 2 – Dancing on Ice 2019

Dancing on Ice 2019 Quiz – Can you name the professional partners of the following celebrities on this year’s ‘Dancing on Ice’? First names will suffice.

1. Brian McFadden

Alex (Murphy)

2. Gemma Collins

Matt (Evers)

3. James Jordan

Alexandra (Shuman)

4. Jane Danson

Sylvain (Longchambon)

5. Mark Little

Brianne (Delcourt)

6. Saara Alto

Hamish (Gaman)

7. Richard Blackwood

Carlotta (Edwards)

8. Saira Khan

Mark (Hanretty)

9. Ryan Sidebottom

Brandee (Malto)

10. Melody Thornton

Alexander (Demetriou)


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Music pub quiz questions and answers

Quiz 159 – Round 3 – Music

1. Which American pop rock band have released albums entitled ‘Songs about Jane’, ‘Hands All Over’ and ‘Red Pill Blues’?

Maroon 5

2. What was the name of Desmond Dekker’s backing band?

The Aces

3. What is the name of Miley Cyrus’s father?

Billy Ray Cyrus

4. How many crochets are equal to one semibreve?


5. In which modern-day country was the composer Gustav Mahler born?

Czech Republic

6. Who had a number two hit in the late Eighties with ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’?

Bobby McFerrin

7. What was the name of Tom Jones’s first ever single?

Chills and Fever

8. Billy Corgan is the lead singer of which alternative rock band?

The Smashing Pumpkins

9. Who had the last UK number one of 2018 with her single ‘Sweet but Psycho’?

Ava Max

10. Who released the 1986 single ‘Anyone Can Fall in Love’ which was a version of the EastEnders theme tune?

Anita Dobson

bingo quiz

Quiz 159 – Round 4 – Bingo Calls

This week we have a bingo quiz. For which numbers would the following traditional bingo calls be used?

1. Knock at the door


2. Dancing Queen


3. Time for tea


4. Heaven’s gate


5. Two little ducks


6. Buckle my shoe


7. Nearly there


8. Valentine’s day


9. Young and keen


10. Tom Mix



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Quiz 159 – Round 5 – Geography

1. Apart from the United Kingdom, name two other European countries where residents drive on the left.

Two of: Republic of Ireland, Malta or Cyprus 

2. What is the capital of the US state of Alaska?


3. Which is the further distance as the crow flies: from London to New York or from London to St. Petersburg?

New York (to New York = 3461 miles, to St. Petersburg= 1305 miles

4. What is the name of the second highest mountain the United Kingdom after Ben Nevis?

Ben Macdui (in the Cairgorms National Park)

5. Which English city did poet Matthew Arnold describe as ‘the city of dreaming spires’?


6. In which UK city would you find Waverley station?


7. What is the national currency of Peru?

Peruvian sol

8. In which English county would you find Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens?


9. Name two of the three US states which border California.

Two of: Oregon, Nevada and Arizona (also borders the Mexican state of Baja California to the south)

10. Which is the taller structure: the Empire State Building or Trump International Hotel and Tower?

Trump International Hotel and Tower (in Chicago is 423.2m, the Empire State Building is 381m)

Snooker Player Anagrams

Quiz 159 – Round 6 – Anagrams

Snooker player anagrams quiz – The following are all anagrams of the names of snooker players. Can your contestants identify them?

1. Lanolin Souvenir

Ronnie O’Sullivan

2. Marble Sky

Mark Selby

3. Sighing Axle

Alex Higgins

4. Horned Tyke

Ken Doherty

5. Advises Vet

Steve Davis

6. Rented Hyphens

Stephen Hendry

7. Reopen Debt

Peter Ebdon

8. Ambushing Tart

Stuart Bingham

9. Sonnet Broiler

Neil Robertson

10. Drone Array

Ray Reardon


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Free General Knowledge Quiz

Quiz 159 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Who played the title character in the BBC series ‘Jonathan Creek’?

Alan Davies

2. Who succeeded Henry II as King of England?

Richard I/Richard the Lionheart

3. John Gosden and Mark Johnston are prominent names in which sport?

Horse racing (trainers)

4. The logo for which popular app consists of a white telephone in a white speech bubble on a green background?


5. What was Baroness Thatcher’s middle name?

Hilda (Margaret Hilda Thatcher)

6. What is the name of the fourth book in the ‘Harry Potter’ series?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

7. Which is the first book of the Bible alphabetically?

Acts (of the Apostles – it could be argued that sometimes is is known with the word ‘the’ in front of it, which would make Amos the first – accept either or both as you see fit)

8. What is fifteen percent of two thousand?


9. Which film actor has commonly been nicknames ‘the Muscles from Brussels’?

Jean-Claude Van Damme

10. How many episodes of the UK version of ‘The Office’ were made?

14 (Two series of six episodes each plus two longer Christmas specials)