Quiz 156

Celebrity Birthdays Quiz

Quiz 156 – Round 2 – Celebrities

In which decade were the following celebrities born? There will be one celebrity for each decade of the 2oth century.

1. Robert De Niro

1940s (1943)

2. Emma Watson

1990s (1990)

3. John Wayne

1900s (1907)

4. Ryan Reynolds

1970s (1976)

5. Marilyn Monroe

1920s (1926)

6. Cristiano Ronaldo

1980s (1985)

7. Jack Nicholson

1930s (1937)

8. Brad Pitt

1960s (1963)

9. Rita Hayworth

1910s (1918)

10. Tom Hanks

1950s (1956)


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Free Science Quiz

Quiz 156 – Round 3 – Science and Nature

1. In which part of the human body would you find the atlas bone?


2. Which planet in our solar system is farthest from the sun?

Neptune (Pluto is no longer considered a planet)

3. Which chemical element has the symbol Cr?


4. ‘Yukon Gold’ and ‘Russian Banana’ are both varieties of which foodstuff?


5. Which noun is used for a ferret under one year old?


6. Of what is ‘cynophobia’ a fear?


7. Which famous American is generally credited with the invention of the bifocal spectacles?

Benjamin Franklin

8. What was the name of the first spacecraft to reach the surface of the moon in 1959?

Luna 2 (Lunik 2. Apollo 11 in 1969 was the first manned mission)

9. Of what is ‘epistemology’ the study?


10. What does GIF stand for, a type of compressed, static or animated image file?

Graphics Interchange Format


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Quiz 156 – Round 4 – Anagrams

The following are all anagrams of the names of some of the UK’s most famous footballers of all time. Can you identify them?

1. Leaky Ringer

Gary Lineker

2. Boob Embryo

Bobby Moore

3. Farmland Park

Frank Lampard

4. Whole Iceman

Michael Owen

5. Saggy Grin

Ryan Giggs

6. Cabby Bolt Horn

Bobby Charlton

7. The Algebra

Gareth Bale

8. Dragon Knobs

Gordon Banks

9. Josh Banner

John Barnes

10. Handles Kingly

Kenny Dalglish





Music pub quiz questions and answers

Quiz 156 – Round 5 – Music

1. In which year did Blondie have a number one hit in the UK with ‘Heart of Glass’?


2. Which brother was the youngest member of the Bee Gees?

Maurice Gibb (younger than his twin, Robin, by 35 minutes)

3. Which Swedish pop group had a UK number one hit with ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ in 1995?


4. Name the widow of Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain.

Courtney Love

5. In Lou Reed’s ‘Walk on the Wild Side’, who ‘thought she was James Dean for a day’?

Jackie (Jackie is just speeding away, thought she was James Dean for a day.)

6. Which 1991 single by P.M. Dawn used samples of Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’?

Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

7. Which American singer has recorded albums entitled ‘One of the Boys’, ‘Prism’ and ‘Teenage Dream’?

Katy Perry

8. Who kept Ultravox’s ‘Vienna’ off the top spot in the UK in 1981 with the novelty song ‘Shaddap You Face’?

Joe Dolce (Known at the time as ‘Joe Dolce Music Theatre’)

9. Which female singer’s name is an anagram of ‘Presbyterians’?

Britney Spears

10. How many studio albums were released in the UK by the Beatles?

Twelve (Please Please Me, With the Beatles, A Hard Day’s Night, Beatles For Sale, Help, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles, Yellow Submarine, Abbey Road and Let it Be)


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US State Quiz

Quiz 156 – Round 6 – The USA

Of which US states are the following the capital cities?

1. Raleigh

North Carolina

2. Jefferson City


3. Phoenix


4. Charleston

West Virginia

5. Montpelier


6. Columbus


7. Jackson


8. Augusta


9. Baton Rouge


10. Hartford



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Free General Knowledge Quiz

Quiz 156 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Which actor portrayed Samuel Johnson, writer of the first dictionary, in Blackadder the Third?

Robbie Coltrane

2. What are the three given names of Prince George of Cambridge?

George Alexander Louis

3. Which English author created the priest-detective ‘Father Brown’?

G.K. Chesterton

4. “Man, it’s a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun…” These are the opening lyrics of which 1999 hit?

Smooth – Santana

5. BHD is the IATA code for which UK airport?

George Best Belfast City Airport

6. Who stood in as host on the first episode of Have I Got News For You following Angus Deayton’s departure in 2002?

Paul Merton

7. How much is the purchase price of Old Kent Road in the London version of Monopoly?


8. Who is the alter-ego of Sir Percy Blakeney?

The Scarlet Pimpernel

9. Who was the sixth wife of Henry VIII?

Katharine Parr

10. In which century was William Shakespeare born?

16th century (1564)


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