British Year

Quiz 155 – Round 6 – The British Year

The British Year – In which month are these celebrations in the UK? To make this quiz more difficult you could ask your contestants for the exact date. Religious festivals have generally been omitted only because many do not consistently fall within any given month. Months may be the answer to more than one question in the set.

1. The Queen’s official birthday

June (8th)

2. Saint Patrick’s Day

March (17th)

3. Epiphany

January (6th)

4. All Saints’ Day

November (1st)

5. Saint Valentine’s Day

February (14th)

6. Burns Night

January (25th)

7. Winter Solstice

December (between 20th and 23rd – please also note that in Australia the Winter solstice falls in June but this set of questions specifically asks about the UK)

8. Saint George’s Day

April (23rd)

9. Fathers’ Day

June (third Sunday)

10. Saint Andrew’s Day

November (30th)


To download our ‘British Year ‘ quiz as a PDF contestant question paper, with printed questions plus spaces for contestant answers, please click on the grey box below:




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