Science and Nature Quiz

Quiz 154 – Round 5 – Science and Nature

1. A ‘yaffle’ is another term for which type of bird?

(Green) Woodpecker

2. ‘Maine Coon’, ‘Birman’ and ‘Russian Blue’ are all breeds of which animal?


3. Where in the human body are the ‘ossicles’?

In the ear (the three bones in the middle ear)

4. What type of animal is an ‘avocet’?

A bird

5. Which noun is used for a female badger?


6. ‘Panthera Leo’ is the scientific term for which animal?


7. The Cassini–Huygens mission sent the first probe which entered the orbit of which planet in 2004?


8. What is the main purpose of a ‘nootropic’ drug?

To improve cognitive function/mental performance 

9. NHis the chemical formula for which compound, commonly used in household cleaning products?


10. The yak is native to which continent?






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