Quiz 153

Adverts Quiz Questions

Quiz 153 – Round 2 – Adverts

Adverts Quiz – What is/was advertised in the UK by these famous actors? We believe that each of these actors/pair of actors has only advertised one item, brand or company. What do they advertise?

1. Harvey Keitel

Direct Line

2. Kevin Bacon


3. Owen Wilson


4. Sylvester Stallone

Warburton’s bread

5. Mr T


6. Marcia Cross (Bree from Desperate Housewives)

Rooster Potatoes

7. Macaulay Culkin


8. Phillip Schofield


9. Ruth Jones and Ben Miller


10. Johnny Depp



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Art and Literature

Quiz 153 – Round 3 – Art and Literature

1. Which English author wrote the fantasy trilogy entitled ‘His Dark Materials’?

Philip Pullman

2. In which century was William Shakespeare born?

16th century (born 1564 – exact date not recorded but baptised 26th April)

3. Which English painter, born in Liverpool in August 1724, was best known for his paintings of horses, such as ‘Whistlejacket’ which hangs in London’s National Gallery?

George Stubbs

4. Which 1930 painting by Grant Wood depicts a farmer holding a pitchfork and standing in front of a building alongside a woman, assumed to be his wife?

American Gothic

5. Which famous building in Paris houses France’s National Museum of Modern Art (Le Musée National d’Art Moderne)?

Pompidou Centre/Centre Georges Pompidou

6. Which French philosopher, writer and political activist won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1964?

Jean-Paul Sartre

7. Which 18th century English landscape painter is known predominantly for his paintings of Dedham Vale, now a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the East of England?

John Constable

8. Who wrote poems entitled ‘Mandalay’, ‘Gunga Din’ and ‘The White Man’s Burden’?

Rudyard Kipling

9. The 1994 film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ is based on a Stephen King novel. Which American actress’s name was omitted from the original title?

Rita Hayworth (Originally entitled ‘Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption’ – those who have seen the film will know that a poster of Rita Hayworth is important to the plot)

10. Which was published first: Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ or Emily Brontë’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ (originally published under the pseudonym ‘Ellis Bell’)?

Pride and Prejudice (Pride and Prejudice was first published in 1813, Wuthering Heights in 1847)





Quiz 153 – Round 4 – Anagrams

The following are all anagrams of TV sitcoms.

1. Menu Doubter


2. Enter the Newbies

The Inbetweeners

3. The Bored Affairs

Birds of a Feather

4. Advancing Yeast

Gavin and Stacey

5. Touting Goon

Not Going Out

6. Torched Wit

The IT Crowd

7. Coffee Hit

The Office

8. Theft Dare

Father Ted

9. Drained Lines


10. Botched Evil Fairy

The Vicar of Dibley






History Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 153 – Round 5 – History

1. In which century did 10 Downing Street become the official residence of the Prime Minister of Great Britain?

18th century (1735 – https://www.gov.uk/government/history/10-downing-street)

2. Which nationality was the polar explorer Roald Amundsen?


3. Which year marked the end of British rule on the Indian subcontinent?


4. Which Apollo mission allowed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to walk on the moon?

Apollo 11

5. How many times was the Summer Olympic Games hosted in the United Kingdom during the twentieth century?

Twice (London in 1908 and 1948 – It was due to be hosted in London in 1944 but was cancelled due to the war)

6. Who was the first female Prime Minister of Australia?

Julia Gillard (2010-2013)

7. From which country did Algeria gain independence in 1962?


8. Three members of the House of York became Kings of England. Can you name two?

Two of: Edward IV, Edward V and Richard III

9. In which US city is Ford’s Theatre, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in April 1865?

Washington, D.C.

10. Which English explorer was executed in 1618, fifteen year after being found guilty of conspiracy against King James I of England and VI of Scotland?

Sir Walter Raleigh



Game Shows Quiz

Quiz 153 – Round 6 – Game Shows

Game shows quiz – Which UK TV game shows have been hosted by each of the celebrities listed?

1. Nicky Campbell, Bradley Walsh, John Leslie and Paul Hendy

Wheel of Fortune

2. Bruce Forsyth, Larry Grayson, Jim Davidson and Mel Giedroyc & Sue Perkins

The Generation Game

3. Terry Wogan, Les Dawson, Lily Savage and David Walliams

Blankety Blank

4. Roy Walker, Nick Weir, Mark Curry and Stephen Mulhern


5. Chris Tarrant and Jeremy Clarkson

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

6. Richard O’Brien, Ed Tudor-Pole, Stephen Merchant and Richard Ayoade

The Crystal Maze

7. Bamber Gascoigne and Jeremy Paxman

University Challenge

8. William G. Stewart, Adam Hills and Sandi Toksvig

Fifteen to One

9. Leslie Crowther, Bob Warman, Bruce Forsyth, Joe Pasquale and Alan Carr

The Price is Right

10. Bob Monkhouse, Max Bygraves, Les Dennis and Andy Collins

Family Fortunes (The Vernon Kay version is entitled ‘All Star Family Fortunes’ and is a celebrity revival, so is therefore not entirely the same as the original)


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Quiz 153 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. How many golden stars feature on the flag of the European Union?


2. In which world city would you find Maracanã Stadium?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3. Which word can come after ‘dream’, ‘steam’ and ‘life’ to form other words?


4. How many times did Pete Sampras win the Wimbledon Men’s Singles title?

Seven (1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000)

5. “I think I’m gonna be sad, I think it’s today…” These are the opening lyrics to which 1965 hit?

Ticket to Ride – Beatles

6. Emerald is the traditional birthstone associated with which month of the year?


7. Of which US state is Harrisburg the capital?


8. In which ‘James Bond’ film did Daniel Craig first play the starring role?

Casino Royale (2006)

9. Which author wrote the original ‘Poldark’ series of books?

Winston Graham

10. How many miles long is the River Nile: a) 2,258 miles (3,634 km), b) 3,258 miles (5,243 km) or c) 4,258 miles (6,853 km) long?

c) 4,258 miles long (6,853 km)