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Quiz 152 – Round 3 – Maths

1. What is four-fifths as a decimal?


2. What is the volume of a cube which has edges measuring 5cm?

125cm³ (centimetres cubed)

3. How many months are there in twelve years?


4. What is the next number in the series: 2, 9, 30, 93, …?

282 (multiply the previous number by three and then add three)

5. If y=10x − 1 and the value of x is 10, what is the value of y?


6. If a recipe requires 400 grams of potatoes for four people, how many kilograms would be required for twelve people?

1.2kg (Note difference in measurement – question given in grams and answer requires conversion to kilograms)

7. A dress has a thirty percent discount applied and is on sale for £63. What was the original price of the dress before the reduction?


8. Geoff thinks of a number. He deducts five from it and then divides the result by three. His answer is 25. What number did he start with?


9. What is nine-tenths of 2000?


10. 3 − 7 × 4 = ?

-25 (minus 25 – multiplication should be completed before subtraction)




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