Quiz 151 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. How many days are there in the second six months of the year, from the beginning of July to the end of December?

184 (31 in July, 31 in August, 30 in September, 31 in October, 30 in November and 31 in December)

2. The now-abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is within which modern-day country?


3. Which nationality is the tennis player Marin Čilić?


4. In which year did Channel 4 begin transmission in the UK?


5. Of which African country is Khartoum the capital?


6. What is the correct spelling of the French fish dish ‘Bouillabaisse’?

Bouillabaisse (pronounced (approximately) bwee-ah-bess)

7. The adjective ‘vespine’ is used to describe which creature?


8. Who wrote the controversial 1955 novel ‘Lolita’?

Vladimir Nabokov

9. In which US state is McCarran International Airport?

Nevada (serves Las Vegas)

10. Which was the first James Bond film to star Daniel Craig in the title role?

Casino Royale (2006)





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