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Quiz 151 – Round 3 – The National Health Service

NHS Quiz. To celebrate the anniversary of the National Health Service, we have dedicated this round to it.

1. In which year was the National Health Service launched?

1948 (2018 is its 70th anniversary)

2. Which politician held the post of Health Secretary when the NHS was set up and is generally considered to be the driving force behind its creation?

Aneurin Bevan

3. A charge for prescriptions was first introduced in June 1952. How much did a prescription cost?

One shilling

4. What is the cost of a single prescription as of 1st April 2018?


5. Which was the first NHS hospital?

Park Hospital, now known as Trafford General Hospital

6. In which decade were vaccinations for polio and diphtheria launched by the NHS?

1950s (1958)

7. In which city did the first UK kidney transplant take place in 1960?

Edinburgh (Royal Infirmary)

8. What is the name of the world’s first ‘test-tube baby’, born at Oldham General Hospital in 1978?

Louise Brown

9. In which decade was the NHS organ donor register set up?

1990s (1994)

10. What is the non-emergency telephone number which can be used by NHS patients to access fast medical service and advice but when the situation does not warrant a 999 call?



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