Science and Nature Quiz

Quiz 150- Round 5 – Science and Nature

1. Approximately how many centimetres are equivalent to two inches?

5 (5.08cm)

2. Which number on the pH scale would indicate a neutral substance?


3. What is the primary function of red blood cells in the human body?

To transport oxygen around the body

4. On which continent do giraffes live in the wild?


5. Of what is petrology the study?

Rocks (and how they form)

6. Which English scientist is credited as having invented the World Wide web in 1989?

Tim Berners-Lee (Sir Timothy Berners-Lee)

7. In which year was Concorde officially retired?


8. Rf is the symbol for which chemical element?

Rutherfordium (named after Ernest Rutherford)

9. What is measured by the Mohs scale?

Mineral hardness

10. Where in the human skeleton would you find the maxilla?

In the skull (upper jawbone)




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