Quiz 15

Quiz 15 – Round 2 – Famous prizes

This quiz is all about the consolation prizes for UK TV game shows. Some shows used to give out very distinctive consolation prizes to their runners up. Can you tell the game show from the consolation prize?

1 Cheque book and pen

Blankety Blank

2. An engraved crystal

The Crystal Maze

3. A carriage clock

Mr and Mrs

4. A trophy and a cue – and sometimes a waistcoat.

Big Break

5. His and Hers watches and a wall clock

Every Second Counts

6. A watch and an electronic game

Wheel Of Fortune

7. A ceramic dusty bin


8. A teapot (but only for returning champions!)


9. A copy of a newspaper from the day you were born.

Today’s The Day

10. A toy, a tankard or a BFH.

Bullseye (and if you can’t remember, BFH stood for ‘Bus fare home’)





Science and Nature Quiz questions

Quiz 15 – Round 3 – Science and Nature

1. Which is the 6th planet from the sun?


2. Of what is carpology the study?

Fruit (and seeds)

3. Which bodily organ removes old and damaged red blood cells and recycles components from these cells, such as iron and haemoglobin?

The spleen

4. What is the most common blood type in humans?

O Positive

5. What is the scientific term for the windpipe?


6. Which star appears the brightest to a viewer on Earth?

The sun

7. Which type of rock is made from the cooling and solidification of magma or lava?

Igneous rock

8. Stephen Hawking has a type of what named after him?

Radiation (Hawking radiation)

9. Who invented the clockwork radio?

Trevor Baylis

10. Who commanded the Apollo 13 space flight?

James A. Lovell





Art and Literature Quiz Questions

Quiz 15 – Round 4 – Art and Literature

1. Who wrote the famous 1952 poem ‘I carry your heart with me’?

E.E. Cummings

2. Which composer wrote the opera ‘Carmen’?

Georges Bizet

3. Can you name all five main characters from Enid Blyton’s ‘The Famous Five’?

Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina (George) and Timothy the dog

4. What type of ‘gene’ was the title of a 1974 Richard Dawkins book on the topic of evolution?

Selfish (The Selfish Gene)

5. Who, collectively, are Athos, Porthos and Aramis?

The Three Musketeers

6. What was the name of Eliza Doolittle’s father in ‘My Fair Lady’?

Alfred P. Doolittle

7. What is the name of the third book in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy?

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest

8. Sully Prudhomme, a French philosopher and poet, won the very first what, in 1901?

Nobel Prize for Literature

9. Who wrote ‘The Wind in the Willows’?

Kenneth Grahame

10. ‘Netsuke’ are miniature sculptures from which country?






Music quiz

Quiz 15 – Round 6 – Music

More lyrics anyone?

1. I know I keep you amused but I feel I’m being used.

Maggie May – Rod Stewart

2. I want your everything as long as it’s free.

Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

3. I come to your door to see you again, but where you once stood was an old man instead.

Babe – Take That

4. Sometimes I’d like to quit, nothing ever seems to fit

Rainy Days and Mondays – The  Carpenters

5. Sick of leaving in the morning, with the night you gave away, so now I’m gonna take that all that I can get.

Angel Eyes – Wet Wet Wet

6. You went to school to learn girl, things you never, never knew before

ABC – Jackson 5

7. I was feeling insecure, you might not love me anymore, I was shivering inside.

Jealous guy – John Lennon

8. I’ve made up my mind, no need to think it over, If I’m wrong I am right.

Chasing Pavements – Adele

9. Watching the ships roll in, then I watch them roll away again.

(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay

10. Said the fight to make ends meet keeps every man upon his feet.

Every Kinda People – Robert Palmer





Pub Quiz

Quiz 15 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. In which sport might you come across the terms ‘clutch hitter’, ‘blocking the plate’ and ‘beanball’?


2. What ‘G’ is a musical term for sliding between two notes?


3. In the BBC comedy ‘The Royle Family’, what was the name of Denise’s grandmother, played by Liz Smith?

Norma (Speakman)

4. Which UK motorway runs only through the counties of Shropshire and Staffordshire?


5. Which is the longest bone in the human body?

Femur (thigh bone)

6. How many U.S States begin with the letter ‘M’?

8 (Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana)

7. What does BAFTA stand for?

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts

8. How many different characters are there in the traditional version of the popular board game ‘Guess Who’?


9. Correctly spell ‘gymkhana’.


10. What could a cockney refer to as his ‘Dickie Dirt’?