Quiz 15 – Round 2 – Famous prizes

This quiz is all about the consolation prizes for UK TV game shows. Some shows used to give out very distinctive consolation prizes to their runners up. Can you tell the game show from the consolation prize?

1 Cheque book and pen

Blankety Blank

2. An engraved crystal

The Crystal Maze

3. A carriage clock

Mr and Mrs

4. A trophy and a cue – and sometimes a waistcoat.

Big Break

5. His and Hers watches and a wall clock

Every Second Counts

6. A watch and an electronic game

Wheel Of Fortune

7. A ceramic dusty bin


8. A teapot (but only for returning champions!)


9. A copy of a newspaper from the day you were born.

Today’s The Day

10. A toy, a tankard or a BFH.

Bullseye (and if you can’t remember, BFH stood for ‘Bus fare home’)





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