Technology Pub Quiz Questions

Quiz 147 – Round 5 – Technology

1. How many characters were originally allowed in a ‘Tweet’ when Twitter first launched in 2006?

140 (Now doubled in most languages)

2. Firefox is a web browser owned by which company?

Mozilla Foundation/ Mozilla Corporation

3. What was the first name of the inventor of the Geiger counter?


4. The LG Corporation produces electronics and telecom products, but what does LG stand for?


5. ‘Opera’, ‘Safari’ and ‘Epiphany’ are all examples of what?

Web browser

6. Aircraft flight recorders are often known by the misnomer ‘black box’, even though they are actually which colour?

Orange (Bright, so as to be found easily after an accident)

7. What does UHF stand for when tuning a radio or television?

Ultra High Frequency

8. How many options are available in Facebook for ‘liking’ or showing your response to a post?

6 (Like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry)

9. Which fruity Emoji is often used to represent a bottom?


10. Which Microsoft software produces files with the extension .PPT?





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