Quiz 142

Winter Olympics Quiz

Quiz 142 – Round 2 – Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics Quiz – In which sport did the following team GB members compete in the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics?

1. Lizzy Yarnold

Women’s Skeleton

2. Izzy Atkin

Women’s Freestyle Skiing

3. Billy Morgan

Men’s Snowboarding

4. Dominic Parsons

Men’s Skeleton

5. Elise Christie

Women’s Short Track Speed Skating

6. Dave Ryding

Alpine Skiing – Men’s/Mixed Slalom

7. Mica McNeill

Women’s Boblseigh

8. Kyle Smith

Men’s Curling

9. Penny Coomes

Figure Skating – Ice Dancing

10. Adam Rosen



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TV and Film Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 142 – Round 3 – TV and Film

1. Which film won the ‘Best Picture’ Oscar in the 90th Academy Awards on 4th March 2018?

The Shape of Water

2. Which American actress’s roles have included the characters of Paulette in ‘Legally Blonde’ and Stifler’s Mum in the ‘American Pie’ films?

Jennifer Coolidge

3. Which Victoria Wood musical tells the story of Tubby and Enid, played by Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton in the television adaptation?

That Day We Sang

4. Which English stand-up comedian and presenter narrates the E4 show ‘Celebs Go Dating’?

Rob Beckett

5. What is the name of the Assistant Director of the FBI who supervises the ‘X-Files’ and is played by Mitch Pileggi?

Walter Skinner

6. What was the name of the fictional town which featured in the BBC comedy series ‘The League of Gentleman’?

Royston Vasey

7. Which 2018 Channel 4 mini-series starred Sarah Lancashire as the social worker Miriam Grayson?


8. What was the name of the character played by Hugh Grant in the ‘Bridget Jones’ films?

Daniel Cleaver

9. Which Kay Mellor drama, which ran over 3 series, told the stories of three different workplace lottery wins?

The Syndicate

10. Which ‘X-Men’ character is played by both Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy?

Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X)





Scrabble Quiz

Quiz 142 – Round 4 – Words

Scrabble Quiz – How much would the following words score in a game of Scrabble, assuming that none of the letters were placed over a double or triple letter or word score and no blank tiles are used?

1. Bed

6 (B=3, E=1, D=2)

2. Joker

16 (J=8, O=1, K=5, E=1, R=1)

3. Words

9 (W=4, O=1, R=1, D=2, S=1)

4. Cork

10 (C=3, O=1, R=1, K=5)

5. Butterfly

17 (B=3, U=1, T=1, E=1, R=1, F=4, L=1, Y=4)

6. Motorway

16 (M=3, O=1, T=1, R=1, W=4, A=1, Y=4)

7. Lazy

16 (L=1, A=1, Z=10, Y=4)

8. Quit

13 (Q=10, U=1, I=1, T=1)

9. Variety

13 (V=4, A=1, R=1, I=1, E=1, T=1, Y=4)

10. Xylophone

24 (X=8, Y=4, L=1, O=1, P=3, H=4, O=1, N=1, E=1)


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Geography Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

Quiz 142 – Round 5 – Geography

1. In which English county would you find Drayton Manor Park?


2. What is the capital of Ghana?


3. Which is the largest airport in Europe by passenger number?

London Heathrow

4. In which country will the 2018 Commonwealth Games be held?

Australia (Gold Coast)

5. Which is colder: The North Pole or the South Pole?

The South Pole

6. Which is the shortest motorway in the UK?

A8(M) (Only 0.2 miles long)

7. Which three oceans surround Australia?

Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and (South) Pacific Ocean

8. Alaska is the largest US state by area, but which is second largest?


9. Which is the largest US state in terms of population?


10. What was the national currency of Greece before it adopted the Euro in 2001?






Quiz 142 – Round 6 – Music

From which songs do the following lyrics come?

1. “She played the fiddle in an Irish band but she fell in love with an English man.”

Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran

2. “You should know you’re falling into fiction, I can tell you’re on some foolish mission.”

Black Eyed Boy – Texas

3. “I met a gin-soaked, bar-room queen in Memphis, she tried to take me upstairs for a ride.”

Honky Tonk Women – Rolling Stones

4. “This hit, that ice cold, Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold.”

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

5. “Maybe I’m foolish, maybe I’m blind, thinking I can see through this and see what’s behind.”

Human – Rag’n’Bone Man

6. “They’re out to get you, better leave while you can, don’t wanna be a boy, you wanna be a man.”

Beat It – Michael Jackson

7. “One, don’t pick up the phone, you know he’s only calling ’cause he’s drunk and alone.”

New Rules – Dua Lipa

8. “And it’s just like the ocean under the moon, oh it’s the same as the emotion that I get from you.”

Smooth – Santana feat. Rob Thomas

9. “You know I’m just a fool who’s willing to sit around and wait for you.”

Hopelessly Devoted To You – Olivia Newton-John

10. “Remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better.”

Hey Jude – Beatles





Quiz 142 – Round 7 – General Knowledge

1. Which was the first single by Queen to reach number one in the UK charts?

Bohemian Rhapsody

2. Which star sign is Queen Elizabeth II?

Taurus (born 21st April 1926)

3. In which county would you expect a website ending with the extension .cy to be based?


4. What is the name of the mouse who is Dumbo’s only friend in the 1941 Disney animated film?

Timothy Q. Mouse

5. In which year was Donald Trump born?


6. How many players may be on the court during a game of basketball?

Ten (Five from each team)

7. Which was the first flavoured crisp to be introduced commercially in the UK, other than salt?

Cheese and Onion (By Golden Wonder in 1962 – Smiths introduced Salt ‘n’ Vinegar in 1967)

8. How many degrees does each numbered section of a dartboard measure?

18° (20 sections and 360° ÷ 20 = 18°)

9. In which European country would you find the town of Duffel?


10. Who was the first Tudor monarch?

Henry VII