Scrabble Quiz

Quiz 142 – Round 4 – Words

Scrabble Quiz – How much would the following words score in a game of Scrabble, assuming that none of the letters were placed over a double or triple letter or word score and no blank tiles are used?

1. Bed

6 (B=3, E=1, D=2)

2. Joker

16 (J=8, O=1, K=5, E=1, R=1)

3. Words

9 (W=4, O=1, R=1, D=2, S=1)

4. Cork

10 (C=3, O=1, R=1, K=5)

5. Butterfly

17 (B=3, U=1, T=1, E=1, R=1, F=4, L=1, Y=4)

6. Motorway

16 (M=3, O=1, T=1, R=1, W=4, A=1, Y=4)

7. Lazy

16 (L=1, A=1, Z=10, Y=4)

8. Quit

13 (Q=10, U=1, I=1, T=1)

9. Variety

13 (V=4, A=1, R=1, I=1, E=1, T=1, Y=4)

10. Xylophone

24 (X=8, Y=4, L=1, O=1, P=3, H=4, O=1, N=1, E=1)


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