Food and Drink

Quiz 141 – Round 3 – Food and Drink

1. Which fruit is produced by the blackthorn?


2. What is in the centre of a Victoria sponge?

Berry jam and cream

3. After a classification challenge in 1991 for the purposes of VAT, did the courts decide that a ‘Jaffa Cake’ was indeed a cake or a biscuit?

A cake (as they go hard when stale as opposed to soft, like biscuits)

4. In which century did Arthur Guinness begin brewing ale?

18th century (He set up his first ale brewery in 1752 – Guinness as we know it came later)

5. Eccles cakes are named after an English town in which county?


6. Name three people who have hosted TV’s ‘MasterChef’.

Three of: Loyd Grossman, Gary Rhodes, Gregg Wallace or John Torode

7. ‘Ahr’ is a small wine-producing region in which country?


8. Which meat dish literally translates from Italian as ‘jumps in the mouth’?


9. Who originally wrote and recorded the song ‘Red Red Wine’ with which UB40 had a hit in 1983?

Neil Diamond

10. ‘Kirsch’ is a colourless brandy distilled from which fruit?

Cherries (Traditionally morello cherries, although now many others are used)




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