Quiz 14 – Round 2 – Entertainment

1. “Just the one, Mrs Wembley” was a catchphrase from a British sitcom starring Dennis Waterman from the early 1990s; but what was it called?

On The Up

2. ‘Il Divo’ consists of four members of different nationalities – which four countries do they hail from?

Spain (Carlos Marìn), USA (David Miller), France (Sébastien Izambard) and Switzerland (Urs Bühler)

3. Which actress won the 2012 series of ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’?

Charlie Brooks

4. ‘How D’Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning’ was featured in which 1951 musical?

Rich, Young and Pretty

 5. In which television quiz show, hosted by Paul Daniels, did 3 sets of married contestants compete against each other to win time for their final round.

Every Second Counts

6. The 1970s children’s television character ‘Mr Benn’ lived at which address?

52 Festive Road

7. And which 1980s television cartoon super hero lived at 29 Acacia Road?


8. Which member of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ left the series in 2011 and soon afterwards became runner up in ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’?

Mark Wright

9. Who is the host of ITV dating show ‘Take Me Out’?

Paddy McGuinness

10. Which British rock band is fronted by Matthew Bellamy?






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