Children's Book Quiz

Quiz 139 – Round 6 – Children’s Books

Children’s Book Quiz – From which books have the following opening lines been taken?

1. “The first place that I can well remember was a large pleasant meadow with a pond of clear water in it.”

Black Beauty – Anna Sewell

2. “Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy.”

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – C.S. Lewis

3. “It was seven o’clock of a very warm evening in the Seeonee hills when Father Wolf woke up from his day’s rest, scratched himself, yawned, and spread out his paws one after the other to get rid of the sleepy feeling in their tips.”

The Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling

4. “The Mole had been working very hard all the morning, spring-cleaning his little home.”

The Wind in the Willows – Kenneth Grahame

5. “These two very old people are the father and mother of Mr. Bucket.”

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

6. “It was 7 minutes after midnight. The dog was lying on the grass in the middle of the lawn in front of Mrs Shears’ house. Its eyes were closed.”

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – Mark Haddon

7. “If you went too near the edge of the chalk-pit the ground would give way. Barney had been told this often enough.”

Stig of the Dump – Clive King

8. “Mrs. Rachel Lynde lived just where the Avonlea main road dipped down into a little hollow, fringed with alders and ladies’ eardrops and traversed by a brook that had its source away back in the woods of the old Cuthbert place.”

Anne of Green Gables – L.M. Montgomery

9. “Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches stood at the top of a high mountain surrounded by a pine forest.”

The Worst Witch – Jill Murphy

10. “Yes,’ said Tom bluntly, on opening the front door. ‘What d’you want?’ A harassed middle-aged woman in a green coat and felt hat stood on his step.”

Goodnight Mister Tom – Michelle Magorian


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